6 weeks to increase distance

stats of the week: run 44 km, zwift cycled 50 km, gym 3 h

6 weeks to Tokyo and I increased my long run to just 19 km what is not too bad. My target is to complete 3 more long runs of more than 20 km. That should do. I want to avoid the risk to get injured. Better be slow and finish than fail to get to the start line. 

I finished another 10K race, this time it was flat and ended with a sufficient time of 51:42 min. But from now on I will concentrate on distance and not on speed. Next test will be a half marathon at training pace at Feb 12.

Born again

stats of the week: run 27 km, zwift cycled 44 km, gym 1.5 h
stats of the previous week: run 41 km, zwift cycled 33 km, gym 3 h

The new year's eve race turned out to be a hilly cross country run with lots of steep ups and downs and mud in places. So I had to get around with a rather disappointing time of almost 55 minutes for 10 K, not a day to remember.

The new year started extremely unpleasant as I had to face a cancer suspicion for 3 days until the further examination could luckily exclude any risk. I felt like born again after I already thought about the end of running and living for a while. Now it is urgent time to increase distances to get prepared for Tokyo. The dream goes on.

Photo: Running 16 K around Lake Phoenix at Dortmund, longest run since more than 2 months 

Don' t compare to former pace

stats of the week: run 38 km, Zwift cycled 24 km, gym 3 h

Another proper training week, again with some intervals to stay used to a higher pace. I have to accept the fact that my former PB marathon pace is now a pace that I can't keep for just 5 K. The stopwatch shows the impact of aging without elusion. 

I look forward now to running my last race within age group M65, a local 10 K New Year's Eve race. Next week  I will be the youngest runner in my new age group. 

Majorca Matterhorn done

stats of the week: run 23 km, cycled 91 km, hiked 15 km
stats of the previous week: run 30 km, gym 3 h

At our local 10K christmas city run I confirmed my current performance by finishing after 51:37 min. Still happy with that as I felt better with the pace than the week before. 

A 6-day-trip to Majorca offered the chance to do some final bike rides of the year. Easy and short, but still enjoyable. And finally I found time to climb Mt Galatzo, the Majorca "Matterhorn", at the height of a bit more than 1,000 m. 

Still happy

stats of the week: run 38 km, zwift cycled 36 km, gym 2 h

I am still happy with my training and performance. I finished the local 9.6K race by an average speed of 5:07 min/K what is the best since January 2020, nearly 3 years. Next Sunday our local Christmas 10K race will take place, an event not to be missed. So I have my third race within 3 weeks what might be a bit over the limit. I have to be cautious while training not to overdraw my capabilities. Luckily there is a 3-week-rest until New Year's Eve race.

Unexpectedly I was lucky to end up 2nd in my age group, only second time within 12 experiences here.

Steady performance

stats of the week: run 31 km, Zwift cycled 14 km, gym 1 h
stats of the previous week: run 19 km, Zwift cycled 26 km, gym 1 h

I had to overcome a mild cold so my mileage suffered a bit. I developed the habit to run daily before breakfast on the treadmill for 2 km what adds some miles to the week's total. Although not yet fully recovered I could confirm my last 5 K performance and finished the 5K race at Bertlich after 24:55 min. Just 20 secs slower on a slightly more difficult course and with strong headwind in parts.

After I failed to be lucky at the Abbott lottery for Tokyo Marathon 2023 I was even happier to hear that Interair asked me to guide the group to Japan and that I will have the chance to run and complete my Majors series. Now I just have to stay fit and snap this unique chance.

The 5K start:

Unique New York

stats of the week: run 24 km, walked 17 km, gym 1 h
stats of the previous week: run 19 km, walked 61 km

My 5K race was a success. Surprisingly I was able to keep a sub 5min/K pace and finish after 24:34 min. Age graded this is 18:28! The interval training earned out obviously quickly. I hope to confirm this performance in some future races.

My New York weekend was strenuous but exciting. I is still impressive how Big Apple celebrates its marathon. And I enjoyed the happy faces of our group's runners. Alas, it made me slightly sad not to be able to run myself. But I walked even more than marathon distance.