Easier running behind others

stats of the week: run 32 km, indoor cycled 75 km, gym 3 h
stats of the previous week: run 21km, indoor cycled 73 km, gym 3 h

It was a fairly proper week of training, a bit too much obviously as I finished the week with a muscle problem at the fibula. I still hope it will not prevent me from running one or two races next weekend. 
Only two weeks after NY I was able to race a 10K at 52:42 min, not too bad but maybe a bit of strain to my legs.

However, he local Nikolauslauf is a duty to be part of. Although there are already 12 in my age group thereof at least 4 are faster than me. People shouldn't talk of me as the one who only starts when the really fast competitors are absent.So I will have to do it and have fun. Running is much easier when you are sure you can't win.

Not the last one hopefully

stats of the week: indoor cycled 30 km, gym 1.5 h
stats of the week: run 51 km, walked 38 km

As expected the New York weekend was strenuous. But it was great, with a marathon atmosphere better than ever. Brooklyn was exciting. Spectators were in best mood, with numerous humorous signs and in some places runners had to find a narrow way through the masses. It was my 12th NY but crowds were better than ever.

I was also quite happy with my performance. After the very limited preparation my plan of 30 min running followed by 3 min of walking worked well until 35 km. Then I had to walk more unsurprisingly. My finish after 4:41:04 was enough to be placed 39th of 214 in my age group. Not too bad.

After this experience I hope to come back next year for my very last New York Marathon. Time will show.

Fred Lebow, founder of the NYC marathon

Boat trip on Hudson River

Central Park

Feeling secure?

Runners waiting for Staten Island Ferry

Runners waiting for the Staten Island Bus to Start Area

Washington Square - like it more than Times Square


Not tired of New York

stats of the week: run 46 km, gym 1.5 h

With the help of some walking - 3 min every 30 min - I managed to complete a 25 K jog. It will need most of my running routine to finish in Central Park next Sunday. I reckon I will be close to 5 hours if I reach the line after 42 K. That will be late in the afternoon, my start is at 10.55 am, so finish will be around 4 pm. I will have to think about an eating plan to get through this long day without a proper meal.

However I am looking forward to being in New York once again, my 12th NYC marathon and my 16th visit of this event with interAir.

Recovery week and end of french season

stats of the week: run 21 km, cycled 55 km, hiked 16 km

The recovery week gave time for a long planned hike along Montagne de Bluye, a more than 1000m high ridge above our village. A day of pure enjoyment as we were once more accompanied by our holiday dog Lucha. 

And I got back to sort of proper running with a 10K sub 60 min. Hope again to somewhat finish the marathon in less than 2 weeks.

The view from the ridge to Mollans-sur-Ouvèze

Top of Montagne de Bluye

The climbers' rocks above Mollans

Another Setback

stats of the week: run 48 km, cycled 106 km, gym 3 h

I very much looked forward to run the half marathon in the Camargue. Glorious landscape, a totally flat route. So I hoped to jog easily not much more than 2 hours. Then it turned out to be kind of a hell. It was hot, the sun shined from above and from the ground as the white sand and the white salt and salines reflected the light. After a couple of kilometers my shirt was dripping wet. I kept to my planned pace until 10 K, but then the route turned to the beach into deep sand for 500 meters. From then on it was a nightmare. I could only switch between walking and slow running. It was now only a fight to reach the finish. Another disappointment after a fairly good week of training. 

However, my mood improved after I noticed the result list. At 2:11 h I was still fastest of my age group and more than half of the runners were still behind me. Not as bad as I felt. Now I urgently have to recover for a final long run before New York.

Photo: Start and finish took place in the middle of the bullfighting arena at Saline de Giraud

Disappointing result

stats of the week: run 28 km, cycled 51 km, hiked 10 km, gym 1.5 h
stats of the previous week: run 15 km, cycled 266 km, gym 3 h

The Gran Fondo Luberon was a glorious sunny day with 115 km of cycling through a beautiful landscape. I was happy with my performance as long as I noticed the result list. With an average speed of 21.6 km/h on this hilly course with 1,600 meters of ascent I thought I had done well. But I ended up as last one in my age group and with just 25 of the 562 finishers behind me (one of them my wife!). 

However, it was still a great day and now I switch my focus to running and look forward to  run a half marathon at the Grand Raid Camargue next weekend.

GF Luberon scenes:

From cycling to running

stats of the week: run 21 km, cycled 131 km, gym 3 h
stats of the previous week: run 37 km, cycled 95 km, hiked 9 km

I am still doing just short runs as I have to prepare for the Gran Fondo Luberon which takes place next Sunday, a bike event of 115K and 1,600 m of ascent. From then on I will concentrate more on running and try to build up longer distances. Plans are to run a half marathon at the Grand Raid Camargue on 14th Oct. 

At least we could participate at the Course en Vendanges in Puyricard near Aix-en-Provence, a really nice and well organised running event with nearly 600 runners doing the two distances of 5.6 and 10.8 K. On a warm Saturday evening I was happy to run quite easily a pace of 5:32 min/K at the undulated route and I finished after 58:36 as 2nd of 7 in my age group.

Photo: Finisher at Puyricard

Sponsors' podium at Puyricard

Testing the route of Gran Fondo Luberon